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Meet Our Doctors


Dr. Ronald Kelpe

Dr. Ron Kelpe is a Nebraska native, a graduate in Biochemistry at Kansas State, and a 1984 Doctorate from Iowa State.  His areas of special interest include cardiology, ophthalmology, and surgery.  In his free time Dr. Kelpe enjoys running marathons, gardening, and golf.  He is a longtime community resident, and has four cats and a dog.


Dr. Robert Moore

Dr. Moore is a co-owner of the hospital and a Board Certified Specialist in surgery. He is a 1978 graduate of Auburn University and a native of Florida. Dr. Moore is available on an on-call basis for consultation and surgery at our hospital. 


Dr. Lisa Maillard

Dr. Maillard graduated from Colorado State University in 1990.  As a child, she lived in Varese, Italy until her family moved back to Denver, Colorado in 1976.  She enjoys speaking French, Italian, and English.  Her areas of special interest include dermatology, preventative medicine, radiology, and internal medicine.  Outside of work, Dr. Maillard spends her time horseback riding, hiking, swimming, and reading.  She and Clyde have 2 dogs, multiple cats, and a few horses.


Dr.Kim McKee

Dr. Kim McKee is a 1981 graduate of UC Davis that relocated to RSM in September 2000.  She loves feline and canine geriatric medicine, dentistry, and is a certified laser surgeon.  She also cares for rabbits,rodents and guinea pigs.  Dr. McKee has 2 grown kids (Alex and Kate), 2 cat kids (Lily Pawter and Mr. Weasley), and 4 grand dogs and cats.  She enjoys wine tasting, travel, historical sites, and the stars.


Dr. Caroline Hogan

Dr. Hogan is a 2017 graduate of UC Davis. Her areas of special interest include preventative medicine, behavior, and surgery. Originally from Southern California, Dr. Hogan enjoys hiking, traveling, horseback riding and reading.  She has a very energetic lab Abigail, who keeps her very busy at home. 


Dr. Jennifer Oberholtzer

Dr. Oberholtzer is a 2018 graduate of Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ. She is Fear Free Certified to aid in reducing stress on your pets during their visit. Her special interest include internal medicine, dentistry, emergency medicine, and nutrition. In her free time she loves spending time at the beach, surfing and hanging out with her dog Rico Suave.